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It seems very early to be discussing Christmas! As everything we do is hand made, using traditional techniques, each item takes quite a long time to make. Because of that we can only make a limited number each year... We work on a Pre-ordering system where we take your order now to secure your wreath and send it out to you between now and December 1st depending on the method of payment and how soon you order. So you may initially think its too early to order your Christmas items but we will be completely sold out by October/November as usual! With demand greatly exceeding production, pre-ordering is essential as the Christmas items always sell out months before advent. Only around 100 are available each year as each one is handmade using traditional, time consuming & intricate techniques. They can be used flat on tables with candles or flowers inside, indoors or out as door wreaths and they're 100% dried and artificial so they last for year's although they look fresh! To pre order you can purchase through our shop online or contact Rachel directly if you wish to pay in installments
You probably know our story... I was fed up with buying a fresh wreath every Christmas Eve, only to throw it away by New Year because it had died! I felt like I was throwing £50 in the bin, at the most expensive time of the year, every single year! Each Christmas I had to choose between fresh wreaths which never lasted, or artificial one's which LOOKED artificial and fake. My husband and I spent 2 years researching and developing wreaths which look fresh but are infact artificial so that they last for years... we searched all over the world for the finest materials to create an utterly convincing foliage background and totally realistic berries, flowers, fircones, conkers and acorns. Once we were completely happy with how realistic they were, we finally launched a range of Luxury Artificial 'Everlasting' Wreaths and Runners in traditional designs which people couldn't believe weren't fresh, even when they saw them in real life. They're all hand made and so I can only physically make a certain number each year. We take pre orders all year, and are always sold out by September/October, in fact, we've usually sold the majority of our Christmas Wreaths by the end of Spring. We start selling next Christmas's wreaths as early as boxing day the year before. 

We are a small, family run business who specialise in incredibly realistic Luxury Artificial flowers and traditional handmade wreaths. Each and every day we are asked the same question; Are these real? I LOVE explaining to people that they're artificial and so will last for years. They are so convincingly realistic that our Christmas wreath customers (unsuspecting) husbands have even been known to attempt to throw the wreaths away on Twelfth Night! Our wreaths and bouquets offer far greater value for money than fresh alternatives, as although there is obviously an initial investment, the price per use is much less, just because they can be kept for years rather than days. Because we recognise that our statement pieces are an investment, we offer installment purchasing of your item with just a deposit needed when ordering. (Email us for more details)

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Narnia 'Everlasting' Wreath
Narnia 'Everlasting' Wreath
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Narnia 'Everlasting' Wreath

  • £149.99

The sophisticated Narnia is probably our most stylish Christmas design. An abundance of evergreen foliage forms this charming arrangement of pine needles, eucalyptus and silver fronds. Yuletide Roses with crisp white petals and Winterberries are woven in amongst the dense garland. The exquisitely...

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